Tamil Traditions and List of Rituals That Run Up to the Wedding

It is well-known that Indian Hindu’s control the world with abundant tradition and heritage when it comes to wedding celebrations. They are vibrant and also lively, typically including a large number of wedding guests. Family members, friends, as well as neighbours will all be invited. Vibrant and also elaborate, Tamil wedding events are held over a variety of days, as well as although they aren’t opulent, they do focus on customs and also the tiniest information.

The run-up to the wedding celebration is noted by numerous pre-nuptial rituals. The Tamils have their personalised and also rituals of beginning the wedding. Have a look at the pre-wedding routines if you’re unfamiliar with the Tamil wedding rituals.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham

This is a short ritual performed on the day before the wedding celebration to look for the blessings of God. The ritual entails both the bride’s and the bridegroom’s households as well as is carried out to make sure that the wedding event profits with no kind of barriers.

Lagna Pathirigai

This is done by a priest, who plays a crucial role in a Tamil wedding event. The reading of the Lagna Pathirigai entails the news of the wedding event date (Muhurtham – auspicious time of the day according to Hindu Calender) and also the location. A delicious supper is additionally served hereafter ritual.


Vratham essentially implies fasting as well as this is done a day before the wedding celebration by the family members of both the new bride and the bridegroom, while Vedic hymns are chanted to look for the blessings of God and forefathers. The routine is supervised by a priest.

Pallikai Thellichal

Also held a day before the wedding ceremony, this ritual is done by wives of the home and also is marked by filling up clay pots with nine ranges of grain and watering them. When the grain sprouts after a couple of days, it is fed to fish swimming in a pond. This is done to seek blessings for the betrothed couple.


To seek the blessings of the forefathers for a long as well as delighted life for the couple, the Naandi event is done by the family members and also performed by priests. The Brahmins are likewise offered presents during the event.


This is performed by the bride-to-be’s family to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha for a smooth, convenient wedding event. The new bride is the centre of this ritual that is conducted by a priest. She exists with a brand-new sari by the bridegroom’s family, after that, a tilak made of kumkum as well as sandalwood is drawn on her temple, a garland is tied around her midsection, as well as the pallu of her sari is stuffed with fruits and also various other things like turmeric, beetle nuts, and also coconut.

Inviting the Groom

The groom and also his family are warmly welcomed at the door of the wedding celebration hall. They are handed a tray of flowers and also fruits, and rosewater is spray d after them. After that, the bride-to-be’s bro attracts a tilak on the bridegroom’s temple as well as garlands him. A coconut is broken to mark the beginning of the wedding.

A Tamil wedding ceremony feels and looks like a royal event. Although soaked in customs, nowadays a bit of modernity is likewise incorporated. The wedding event functions as a celebration to bring the whole family members with each other for a couple of days.